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Samuel Herbert Berry, Jr– Poet/rapper/songwriter/recording and mixing engineer Samuel Berry is the CEO and Founder of Asked of GOD Entertainment, LLC (A.O.G ENT, LLC) and Sam Be Mixing Recordings, LLC. Berry one of many rising stars coming out of the beautiful yet toilsome city of Columbia, SC, has made a name for himself as he raced to establish himself as the face of reality music in the south.
Berry’s rich trademark sound captivates listeners while revealing his innermost beliefs through raw poetic and spiritual songs. His music and mixes can take you to the depths of a poor man’s soul and evaluate you to the heights of man’s greatest successes. He as an artist has been compared to Goodie Mobb (as a whole), Scareface, Kid Cudi, Nas, Common, Juvenile, and Tupac, but in his own right he loves music that comes from the heart.
Berry was born in Birmingham, Alabama though raised in Bessemer he spent the latter half of his youth to adulthood in Columbia, South Carolina. He began to seriously write poetry and perform while living in Atlanta, GA at the age of 25 and started his engineering career back home in Columbia, SC at the ripe age of 28.
Berry’s self-penned poems have been heavily circulated in the Metro Atlanta area due to public television and collegiate literature. His engineering has risen the bar and given Columbia’s Independent Music a chance to to partake with those on a mainstream level. Samuel Berry has been networking with local artist and businesses to establish his music and companies as a fortified tower in the south and propel it to every nation.

Sam Be Mixing

Head Recording/Mixing Engineer | Sam Be Mixing Recordings

Cell 678.368.5278

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